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Ten Natural Ways To Suppress Appetite

Appetite suppressants include foods, supplements, or techniques that can help curb hunger. Simple tips like increasing protein intake, consuming ginger, and practicing mindful eating can be beneficial.

Many companies that produce appetite suppressant pills boast about their ability to decrease hunger and assist in weight loss. However, the actual effectiveness of these pills is questionable, and they may carry potential side effects, as noted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Instead, opting for natural methods like maintaining a balanced diet, staying hydrated, getting regular exercise, and prioritizing adequate sleep can be safer and more sustainable ways to manage appetite and support overall health and weight management goals. It's always wise to consult with a healthcare professional before trying new supplements or weight loss strategies to ensure they are safe and appropriate for individual needs.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Here are ten proven methods that a person can use to control their appetite and avoid overeating:

Choose More Protein and Healthy Fats

Some foods satisfy hunger better than others. Protein and certain fats are more effective in keeping people full longer than carbohydrates. Consider replacing some carb sources with proteins and healthy fats, like lean meats, eggs, beans, peas, soy products, Greek yogurt, nuts, seeds, avocados, and olive oil.

Drink Water Before Meals

Drink Water Before Meals

Drinking a large glass of water right before a meal can make a person feel fuller and more satisfied, reducing hunger afterward. Studies have shown that consuming 1.5 liters of water daily for 8 weeks can lead to decreased appetite, weight loss, and increased fat loss. Having a soup starter may also help curb appetite.

Include More High-Fiber Foods

Include More High-Fiber Foods

Fiber remains in the body longer, slowing down digestion and promoting a lasting feeling of fullness. Research suggests that a high-fiber diet can be an effective appetite suppressant and is linked to lower obesity rates. Foods rich in fiber include whole grains, beans, pulses, apples, avocados, almonds, chia seeds, and vegetables.

Exercise Before Meals

Physical activity is a healthy and effective way to suppress appetite. Studies based on 20 different research projects indicate that appetite hormones are immediately suppressed after exercise, especially with high-intensity workouts. This leads to lower levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and higher levels of "fullness hormones" like PPY and GLP-1.

Try Yerba Maté Tea

Yerba Maté tea, derived from the Ilex paraguariensis plant, has been shown in research to decrease appetite and enhance mood, particularly when combined with high-intensity exercise. You can purchase Yerba Maté online.

Opt for Dark Chocolate

Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate, as studies indicate that it can help suppress appetite. One study revealed that individuals consumed less during their subsequent meal after snacking on dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Include Ginger in Your Diet

Natural Ways To Suppress Appetite

Adding a small amount of ginger powder to your diet has demonstrated the ability to decrease appetite and increase feelings of fullness, possibly due to its stimulating effect on the digestive system. While this was a small-scale study, ginger powder is available for purchase online.

Choose Bulky, Low-Calorie Foods

When trying to reduce overall food intake during a diet, opt for foods high in non-caloric nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and water. Vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains fit this category, allowing you to eat a large volume without consuming excessive calories.

Manage Stress

Manage stress to Suppress Appetite

Stress can lead to emotional eating and cravings for non-nutritious foods. Combat stress by practicing mindfulness, engaging in mindful eating, ensuring regular sleep, maintaining social connections, and dedicating time to relax.

Practice Mindful Eating

Pay attention to what and when you eat, as the brain plays a significant role in food choices. Research suggests that being mindful during meals, instead of eating while distracted (e.g., watching TV), can lead to consuming less. Another study highlights the potential of mindfulness in reducing binge eating and comfort eating, both contributors to obesity.

Foods That Minimize Appetite

Certain foods are more effective in suppressing appetite, and these include:

  1. Choose Protein-Rich Foods and Healthy Fats: Opt for foods rich in protein and healthy fats like lean meats, avocados, beans, nuts, and cheese. These choices are known to satisfy hunger and keep people feeling full for an extended period.
  2. Include High-Fiber Foods: Incorporate fiber-rich foods into your diet to promote a prolonged feeling of fullness. Examples of good sources include whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables.
  3. Consider Pulses: Pulses such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas can enhance feelings of fullness and potentially reduce overall food intake, as suggested by a 2017 review.
  4. Include Eggs: Eggs, being high in protein and fat, have been shown to induce feelings of fullness and reduce hunger throughout the day.
  5. Add Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper may be effective in reducing appetite, especially for those unaccustomed to spicy foods.
  6. Try Honey Instead of Sugar: Switching from sugar to honey may help suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin, leading to a prolonged feeling of fullness. Consider using honey as a healthier alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are responses to frequently asked questions about suppressing appetite:

How can I suppress my appetite without eating? 

To curb appetite without consuming food, individuals can consider drinking water, tea, or coffee. Chewing gum may also be a helpful option.

How can I feel full without eating? 

Feeling full is achievable by consuming balanced meals rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. This approach prevents quick hunger recurrence.

Is there a pill I can take to suppress my appetite? 

While some prescription medications can suppress appetite, they come with side effects and require monitoring. Many over-the-counter "quick fix" weight loss pills claim to achieve this, but they often have unpleasant side effects and health risks.

How do you ignore hunger when fasting? 

During fasting, individuals can manage hunger by drinking water, engaging in a walk, or practicing meditation. Staying occupied and distracted can also be effective in ignoring hunger cues.


Cutting back on food intake excessively may result in a recurrence of overeating. Instead, maintaining a sufficient intake of appropriate foods can diminish feelings of hunger and cravings throughout the day.

One can manage their appetite by incorporating a higher amount of protein, healthy fats, and fiber into their meals. Building up a supply of vegetables and pulses can extend the duration of feeling full.

Exploring diverse spices like ginger and cayenne pepper, along with drinking tea, can be beneficial in overcoming undesired food cravings.

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